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The Comfy Grip is a revolutionary product that thousands of wig wearers have found to give them protective comfort and peace of mind. The Comfy Grip was designed for cancer chemotherapy patients and alopecia sufferers to hold the wig firmly and comfortably in place.


  • Allows wig to be worn back on hairline, securely and comfortably, even by those experiencing total hair loss. The Comfy Grip adheres to skin to hold the wig without the use of two-way tape, glues, or pinning the wig to your hairline.

  • Cushions the pressure points on your head, giving you a more comfortable fit.

  • Lifts the wig slightly away from your head allowing airflow for the scalp to breathe.

  • Tips the wig in toward the hairline, for a more natural looking fit.

  • Dissipates body heat away from your scalp, giving a cooling effect.

  • Distributes the weight of the wig or hat evenly on the head for a more secure, comfortable fit.

  • Designed to fit most head sizes (18.5 to 24 in.)

  • Hypo-allergenic, will not irritate skin. Perfect for sensitive scalps.

  • Self-healing, will not leak if punctured.


Comfy Grip

Comfy Grip

Comfy Grip

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Comfy Grip



This basic wig cap liner has room for long hair. It helps to keep your wig clean and serves to camouflage your own hair color if necessary.  


Wig Cap
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Basic Wig Cap


This mesh wig cap is made of wide fishnet. It features an open end for convenience and comfort and has room for long hair. It helps to keep your wig clean and serves to camouflage your own hair color if necessary.


Mesh Wig Cap

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 Mesh Wig Cap



Small $3.50

 Large $6.00

Anti-Static Brush

$3.50 - $6.00


This wire wig stand helps to preserve your wig's style by preventing stretching and providing airflow. It is much better than a Styrofoam head, as it does not stretch the wig.

Wire Wig Stand

Wire Wig Stand

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