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No Sweat Comfort Liners by Headline It!

Headline It! No Sweat Comfort Liners
Headline It!
No Sweat Comfort Liners are an essential product for any wig wearer. Created by Jodi Pliszka, a bald woman with alopecia, the individually wrapped liners are small enough to place in your purse and take with you anywhere!

The nude backing keeps the liner camouflaged discretely under any headwear item. The unique combination of high tech material was engineered specifically for your personal needs, to stay dry and comfortable in both summer and winter. The non-slip material keeps wigs, hats, scarves and headwear items in place, while the moisture transport system quickly draws perspiration away from the skin, wicking it into the SMS transport layer, filtering out the oils, salts and odors, keeping your wig, fresher, cleaner and more hygienic.

The less you wash a wig, the longer you can keep it for, saving time and money. Headline It! No Sweat Comfort Liners create a barrier, keeping the head protected from the itchy, pokey little hairs that can irritate your scalp. Two liners should be used for ultimate comfort, one in the front and one in the back of any wig, hat, helmet, scarf or headwear item. These liners are great to share with your family, to use under bike helmets, running hats, bump caps, hard hats and more! The liners can be used for 10-14 days and are disposable.

No Sweat Comfort Liners by Headline It!

  • High tech wicking material captures perspiration and keeps you dry!
  • Average use is 10-14 days before replacement is necessary
  • Hygienic, disposable liner reduces odor-causing bacteria
  • Protects wigs and headwear from dirt, oil and sweat stains
  • Ultra thin, breathable material allows air to ventilate
  • Saves money by extending the life of your wigs and headwear
  • Saves time with less frequent washing of wigs, hats and liners needed
  • Evaporates sweat on a continual basis, leaving the head cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Non-slip material under logo stops scarves from riding up on your forehead
  • Makes a scarf look more like a headwear item, rather than clinging tightly to the head
  • Tan backing looks like your scalp and hides liner under wigs, scarves and hats
  • Use two liners for ultimate comfort -- one in front and one in back
  • Multi-pack available for additional savings
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No Sweat Comfort Liners by Headline It!

$2.50 - $30.25


Perfection Hair Masque by Pravana is a nourishing deep hair treatment for your human hair wig, hairpiece or even your own hair. It is amazing for restoring human hair wigs and hairpieces, as well as helping to strengthen your own hair.

This Hair Masque works by deeply penetrating the hair to reduce frizz, strengthen strands and rejuvenate dull, lackluster hair. The vitamin-enriched formula extends the life of salon services.

After shampoo, squeeze a quarter-sized amount of Perfection Hair Masque into palms and work evenly through damp hair, focusing on the ends. Leave in for 30 minutes. Rinse out with cold water and style as desired. Recommended usage is once a week.

Pravana Perfection Hair Masque for Human Hair

Perfection Hair Masque


Pick Any Three Wig Care Products

We decided to be different than all of the other web sites. You actually get to choose the three Look of Love wig care maintenance products you feel you need the most, creating the perfect kit based on your own needs.

Please select any three wig care products:

Hair Glosser for Synthetic Hair
Hair Cleanser for Synthetic Hair
Hair Conditioner for Synthetic Hair
Hairspray for Synthetic Hair
Liquid Mousse Volumizer for Synthetic Hair
Shampoo It for Human Hair
Restores It for Human Hair



   3 Wig Care Products


From Look of Love, Shine It spray for synthetic hair will add beautiful, luscious shine to your wig. It makes your wig look and feel new all the time and makes combing and brushing a breeze.

Glosser for Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair Glosser


A conditioner for synthetic hair, Condition It by Look of Love has been specially formulated to eliminate static electricity and dryness, which are leading causes of frizzing. It also provides protection from over brushing and helps to extend the life of your wig.


Conditioner for Synthetic Hair



Synthetic Hair Conditioner


Kleans It by Look of Love has been specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse your synthetic wig or hairpiece with low suds for easier rinsing ... never leaving a residue.


Cleanser for Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair Cleanser


Look of Love Style It hairspray offers control, flexibility and the exceptional holding power you need. It holds firmly in the wind, rain and humidity. Never sticky or gummy ... never any stiffness or flaking. And because it is water soluble, it will wash out easily and completely.


Hairspray for Synthetic Hair


Synthetic Hair Hairspray


Look of Love Volume It is a liquid gel mousse volumizer, the absolutely the best styling enhancement product ever developed for synthetic hair wigs. One spray will actually increase the diameter of each fiber strand, creating more volume.

Volumizer for Synthetic Hair


Synthetic Hair Volumizer



Look of Love Shampoo It is a deep cleaning conditioning shampoo for human hair wigs and hairpieces. It rinses cleanly to leave your wig lightly conditioned and is fortified with vitamins and conditioners to help correct and restore your wig or hairpiece.

ShampooIt by Look of Love

Shampoo It for Human Hair



Look of Love Restores It is a conditioner and detangler for human hair wigs and hairpieces. It improves manageability, longevity and sheen for a more natural and healthy look. It also helps protect hair from the heat of curling irons, blowers, and general styling. The built-in detangler allows a comb to slide through hair easier, protecting the piece from pulling and/or loss of hair.

RestoresIt by Look of Love

Restores It for Human Hair

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