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Look of Love Toppers & Pull-Thru Wiglets
Hair B Tweenz toppers and pull-through wiglets by Look of Love add volume and fullness with a natural look. Easy to use -- just clip on and you're ready to go! Available in synthetic or human hair, these filler pieces are ideal for the woman with thinning hair, alopecia or other areas of hair loss.

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4x4 Mini Spot Filler
Our smallest, lightly-textured integration hairpiece can do wonders for your hairstyle in areas of thinness. Made using five rows of elastic hair wefts, with spaces between each row that allow you to pull your own hair through, creating a natural, fuller look, right where you need it.

This piece is not intended to cover up your hair, but rather to blend in with your own hair, offering volume and height. Ideal for women with soft, fine hair of their own who want a light textured hairpiece that will look natural when worn.

Look of Love
Hair Fiber: Synthetic hair
Weight: 1 oz.
Overall Length: 4 in.
Curl Pattern: Soft curl
Color Shown: 12/22
Attachment: 2 snap comb clips

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Hair-B-Tweenz 4x4 Mini Spot Filler 


Pull-Thru Integration Piece
This 100% human hair extension/filler provides a discreet way to add extra fullness and height to your own hair. Use to add volume on top as shown, or use more than one piece for extended coverage! The 4x6 Spot Filler blends in with your own hair beautifully, and can be trimmed, curled, rinsed, etc. To get the look, clip it into your hair with two attached snap comb clips. Then, use the tail end of a tail comb to pull your own hair through the spaces. For a change of pace, choose a color that is a shade lighter than your own hair to add some highlights!

Look of Love
Hair Fiber: 100% human hair
Weight: 1.25 oz.
Overall Length: 6 in.
Base Width: 5 in.
Base Coverage: 4 x 2 in.
Curl Pattern: Straight
Colors Shown: 22 and 14/24
Attachment: 2 snap comb clips

Pricing Note: Look of Love has added a surcharge for all lighter human hair colors. Click here for more information.



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$103.00 - $109.00

Hair-B-Tweenz 4x6 Spot Filler HH 


Versatile and Easy to Use Filler
Use the Hair-B-Tweenz 5.5x5 at the back crown and top areas of the head. It gives broader coverage than the Hair-B-Tweenz 4x4. You can also add volume at the nape area with the HBT 5.5x5. It is stretchable so it fits beautifully!

Position it flowing forward for added bangs, flowing toward the back of the head for bangs that are styled away from the face, or sideways to add body and volume to parted hair.

Look of Love
Hair Fiber: Synthetic hair
Weight: 2 oz.
Overall Length: 5 in.
Base Width: 5.5 in.
Curl Pattern: Soft curl, about the size
   of a half dollar

Color Shown: 22
Attachment: 2 snap comb clips and
   1 flex comb in center of top weft

Click here for color chart.

Hair-B-Tweenz Base Wefting is





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 Hair-B-Tweenz 5.5x5


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