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Toppers & Pull Thru Wiglets
These versatile top pieces, fillers, falls, bangs and pull-through wiglets can be flared, fluffed or parted. Ideal for camouflaging areas of thinning hair or baldness, these pieces offer the volume, fullness or length you need in order to look your best. Short, medium and long lengths in synthetic or human hair give you lots of options. Enjoy fashionable, carefree style in lightweight comfort!

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Add fullness where needed with this 100% Remy human hair pull-through topper. Featuring a honeycomb weave, it is designed to be combined with one's own hair to create a full, natural look. A very versatile piece that you can perm, color and crimp.

Remy Human Hair
Wig Pro

Weight: .8 oz.
Base: 5 x 3.5 in. honeycomb weave

Overall Length: 4.5 in.
Color Shown:
Attachment: 3 snap comb clips

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Pull-Thru 305 Human Hair WP

$98.00 - $107.80


The Short Topper is a versatile addition that creates everything from tousled tresses to amped-up volume and texture. Cut into layers graduating from shorter to longer, this piece is a great addition to any short hairstyle. Inspired by the old Celeb Secret, the goal of this new addition is to fit well and discreetly increase density at the apex of the crown.

By starting with a fine, soft monofilament base and smaller size, this piece is ideal for women with fine to thinning hair. Although the base is smaller, this piece has more hair sewn into it.

Monofilament Top Piece
Rene of Paris: Toppers & Pull-Thru

Hair Fiber: Synthetic Fiber
Weight: .9 oz.
Bangs: 5.5 in.
Crown: 5.5 in.
Base: 4.75 in. x 5.4 in.
Curl Pattern: Straight
Colors Shown: Nutmeg-R
Manufacturer's Retail Price: $189.40
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Rene of Paris - Short Topper Mono 744

Rene of Paris -Short TP Topper Mono 744


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Short TP Topper Mono ROP  


Human Hair Wiglet for Severe Frontal Hair Loss
The base is crafted from a polyurethane base that is transparent. And best of all it is made from 100% Human Hair so that you can have greater styling flexibility.

Specially designed for those experiencing severe thinness or hair loss at the top, frontal or crown areas, this unique hairpiece blends two of today's best cap designs into one! Now you can recreate a realistic and undetectable front hairline with ease. This piece also adds volume and fullness while keeping a natural look. Since it is human hair, 137H can be styled using hot implements such as curling or flat irons, dryers and rollers which means ultimate flexibility for you!

Look of Love
Hair Fiber: 100% human hair
Weight: 1.75 oz.
Overall Length: 12 in. throughout
Base Coverage: 6 in. front to back, 5
   in. across; polyurethane front with
   monofilament silk base and
   honeycomb back section (silk is egg
   shaped at 4 in. in front and 1.5 in. at

Curl Pattern: Soft wave
Color Shown: 12

Attachment: 4 snap clip combs; an
   extra snap comb clip (included) can
   be sewn in at the front to attach hair if

Pricing Note: Look of Love has added a surcharge for all lighter human hair colors. Click here for more information.

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Please Select Color:
Style 137H Human Hair

$475.00 - $585.00



16" Human Hair Mini Fall/Filler
A mini fall with a triangular, ergonomically shaped base with 16 in. of 100% human hair. The base fits the crown area, while the hair spreads out around the head wonderfully. This human hair fall/filler can be straightened or curled into any number or various curl patterns to suit your desires.

The top third portion of base is hand crocheted, that allows natural distribution around head. The hand tied knots can turn in the direction of desired styling.

Look of Love
Hair Fiber: 100% human hair
Weight: 2.25 - 3 oz.
Overall Length: 16 in. throughout
Base Coverage: 6 in. side to side
Curl Pattern: Soft curl
Colors Shown: 26 and 12
Attachment: 2 snap comb clips on
   sides and 1 flex comb in front

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Pricing Note: Look of Love has added a surcharge for all lighter human hair colors. Click here for more information.




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$515.00 - $695.00

Style 143H Human Hair



Honeycomb Basic Wiglet/Filler
Our smallest lightweight honeycomb hairpiece is especially suited for those with thin hair who want natural softness. It comes ready to wear with permanently pre-styled/curled memory, even after washing, and features front silk edges with hand-tied underventing. The pull-thru holes are .5 to .75 in. in size. Two wire flex combs located on the sides of the piece offer extra security.

Look of Love
Hair Fiber: Synthetic hair
Weight: .75 oz.
Overall Length: 4 - 4.5 in.
Base Coverage: 3.5 in. side to side,
5 in. front to back
Curl Pattern: Pre-curled with basic
   roller set
Colors Shown: 2 and 14
Attachment: 2 snap comb clips and
   2 flex combs on the sides

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 $59.00 Style 152 

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The wigs we feature are famous for their precision cut and "Shake and Wear Styling". If by chance you would like to personalize a style even more, professional cutting, trimming or size alterations are available for an additional charge of $45. One of our wig consultants will be happy to help you with this. We assure you that you will be extremely happy with this additional service we offer.