Please use these hair color samples only as a guide in selecting the hair color to order. We urge you to send us a swatch of your own hair so that we may help you select the best color match possible.

J&L color comparison: 1B/2BT (similar to Expresso)
 Dark Chocolate
J&L color comparison: 4/6BT (similar to Dark Chocolate)
J&L color comparison: 31/33/4 (similar to Burgundy Rosa
 without the black)
 Brown Spice
J&L color comparison: 10/33 (similar to Ginger Brown)
 Toffee Brown
J&L color comparison: 10/30 (similar to a rooted Bronzed
 Honey Brown
J&L color comparison: 10/20/30 (similar to Medium Brown & Marble Brown, with a golden cast, but not as warm as Marble Brown -- more ash)
 Hazel Brown
J&L color comparison: 8/16 & 18/22 (similar to Pecan Brown)
 Dark Ash Blond
 J&L color comparison: 10/12 (similar to Harvest Gold & Pecan Brown)
 Moonlite Blond
J&L color comparison: 16/24 (similar to Spring Honey)
 Golden Wheat
 J&L color comparison: 140/27C (similar to Butterscotch &
 Gold Blond)


 Dark Chocolate
 Ginger Brown
 Golden Brown
 Light Chocolate
 Marble Brown
 Medium Brown
 Sunset Brown
 Moon Gold
 Creamy Blond
 Strawberry Blond
 Light Blond
 Light Gold Blond
 Burgundy Rosa
 Dark Rust
 Orange Spice
 Paprika Root

Picture not available

 Red Fire
  Tipped Frosted:
 Ash Blond
 Brown Blond
 Caramel Cream
 Creamy Blond
 Dark Shade Blond
 Gold Blond
 Harvest Gold
 Frosti Blond
 Harvest Gold
 Marble Brown
 Pecan Brown
 Platinum Blond
 Sandy Blond
 Spring Honey
 Sunny Blond
 Sunny Blond Brown
 Vanilla Lush
  Gradient Color:

   NEW! These colors are multi-color on single stands, using a unique
   technology that adds depth and distinction to your contemporary look.

 Root is a 10 Sunset Brown; tip is a 102 Sheer Blond
 Mocha Cream
Root is a 4 Cappuccino; tip is a 14/16 Golden Brown to Dark Blond
 Root is a 4 Cappuccino; tip is a 27 Strawberry Blond
 Raisin Glaze
Root is a 4 Cappuccino; tip is a 10 Sunset Brown
Root is a 4 Cappuccino; tip is a 140 Apricot
Root is a 2 Expresso; tip is a Burgundy Rosa
Root is a 4 Cappuccino; tip is a 28 Irish Red

Picture not available

Mocha Cream and Champagne

Picture not available

Nutmeg and Champagne

Picture not available

Nutmeg and Sandalwood

Picture not available

 Raisin Glaze-H
Raisin Glaze and Nutmeg

Picture not available

Sandalwood and Champagne

Picture not available

Terracotta and Raisin Glaze


 Off Black 
 Darkest Brown 
 Medium Dark Brown 
 Medium Chestnut Brown 
 Light Chestnut Brown
 Medium Golden Brown
 Light Golden Brown
 Light Ash Brown
 Ash Blond
 Champagne Blond
 Light Golden Blond
 Dark Golden Blond 
 Irish Red
 Brightest Red 
  Grey Mixes:
 Dark Blond / 5% Grey
 Medium Dark Brown / 5% Grey
 Medium Brown / 35% Grey
 Light Ash Brown / 75% Grey
 Darkest Brown / 65% Grey
 Light Blond / 75% Grey
 Grey with 30% Medium Brown
 Grey with 10% Chestnut Brown
 Medium Brown / 95% Grey
  White White Platinum:
 100% White
 Pearl Platinum
 Three Tones:
 103 / 22 / 16
 Blended Grey 56 / 51 / 44
 Color 8 with weaving of color 14 along front only
 Color 10 with weaving of color 16 along front only; highlight
 Light Golden Brown mixed with color 24
 Color 16 mixed with color 22
 Color 24 mixed with color 27
 Color 18 mixed with color 22
 Color 18 mixed with color 22



Color Ring Loaner/Purchase Program

If you wish to borrow or purchase one of our color rings, you may do so by adding it to your order in the shopping cart (credit card purchases only). You will pre-pay for the color ring, but if you return it within 30 days, we will credit your charge card for the full cost of the ring (shipping charges are not refundable). There is no charge to borrow the color ring itself.

The color ring must be returned to Feke Wigs within 30 days in order to receive the credit; the return shipping costs are your responsibility. Otherwise, you may simply keep (purchase) the color ring; since your credit card was already charged for your purchase, no further action is necessary.

Limit one ring per customer. If you are interested in more than one brand, choose your color from one brand and we will match your color for you in the additional brands that you are interested in.  

  Rene of Paris Color Ring for Human Hair LOANER/PURCHASE


  Rene of Paris Color Ring for Synthetic & Gradient Hair LOANER/PURCHASE